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Welcome to Rebuilding Together in Southern California

Rebuilding Together is the nation's largest volunteer home repair organization in the country.   Across Southern California, Rebuilding Together volunteers are dramatically changing neighborhoods and lives by helping deserving homeowners live independently in comfort and safety. Rebuilding Together provides needed home repair and modifications for low-income homeowner-residents across Southern California, from San Diego and Greater Los Angeles to the San Bernardino Mountain Communities.

Southern California has over a million households with persons 65 years of age or older, and falls are a major source of injury and hospitalization for seniors. Studies show that 78 % of all falls occur in or around the home, and for seniors, falls are the number one cause of injury-related death.  Home repairs and minor safety modifications like handrails, grab bars, or improved lighting can prevent many falls, but many elderly homeowners cannot afford fixing deteriorating and unsafe conditions in their homes.

Rebuilding Together is dedicated to addressing those conditions by organizing community volunteers, corporations, civic and faith groups to deliver the needed repairs and modifications.Since 1991, Rebuilding Together groups in Southern California have organized over 39,000 volunteers to repair more than 2100 homes of low-income families, all at no cost to the resident homeowners. This work is only made possible through donations of money, materials, and labor by individuals, businesses, civic organizations, faith communities, and etc.

We have a long backlog of  homeowner requests from all the area, such as: Gelacio (53, Los Angeles) is a wheelchair-bound stroke victim in need of a ramp;  Norma (34, San Fernando) has Cerebral Palsy and is needs hand rails and grab bars for safety in her bathroom;   Rachel (81, Garden Grove) needs window repairs and safe stairs to her mobile home; Catherine (83, Santa Ana) asks for plumbing repairs so she can have hot water in her kitchen; Felipe (62, Rialto) is on dialysis & needs water heater repairs.

There are these and many more, and  your donation of any amount will help us to meet the needs of these deserving homeowners.

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